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The core competencies of polyscale are the microstructuring of large surfaces, the corresponding optical design and the subsequent series production of the products using various manufacturing processes. In many cases, this is done in close cooperation with the customer to achieve the exact solution for the individual application.

As a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT, Aachen, Polyscale offers the advantages of the scientific background and innovative environment of a successful institute and the flexibility and efficiency of an owner-managed medium-sized company.

In order to achieve the overriding goal of long-term and comprehensive customer satisfaction, the company has been certified according to DIN/EN ISO 9001 since 2012. For implementation in particular

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  • kontinuierliche Neu- und Weiterentwicklungen
  • stetige Prozessoptimierung und Qualitätssicherung
  • Mess- und Prüfmitteltechnik auf hohem Niveau
  • Aus- und Weiterbildung der Mitarbeiter


are in the focus of daily work.

Research and development

The continuous development of manufacturing processes is an integral part of our daily work. Expanding the range of applications for the products and a more efficient manufacturing process for existing solutions are the objectives. Entirely new production technologies are also implemented to expand the possibilities and areas of application of the products.

The company’s expertise is also brought to bear on sponsored research projects. In addition to cooperation with the Fraunhofer IPT, these activities usually take place in consortia in which companies from a wide range of industries jointly pursue a set development goal, each contributing know-how and resources.


The primary goal of polyscale GmbH & Co. KG is customer satisfaction. This is the only way to ensure the company’s long-term success. In order to achieve this goal in the long term, in addition to the necessary quality of the products supplied, special emphasis must be placed on the rapid, flexible and timely processing of customer inquiries and orders.

“Comprehensive customer satisfaction is our goal”.

This not only represents the core statement of the quality policy, but also serves as a guiding principle for all actions. In addition to speed and delivery reliability, a high quality standard in particular is an indispensable prerequisite for the customer. Making this happen is a daily challenge for everyone involved.

Already in the development phase of a product, quality assurance is defined according to the specific product requirements. Corresponding processes such as FMEA, machine and process capability analysis, PPAP, etc. are implemented according to individual agreement.

Through measures such as clear specifications of quality targets, making quality results visible, training employees and strengthening personal responsibility for quality through self-auditing, management promotes employee motivation for quality.

Quality is a corporate goal
The quality of our products and services is a decisive factor in the success of our company.

Quality and environmental protection are a constant commitment
We are constantly developing our organization, our work processes and our products and services.

Quality strengthens profitability
Our goal is to avoid errors instead of discovering them.

Quality requires cooperation
The quality of our products and services is inextricably linked to the quality of our internal and external cooperation.

Quality requires organization
Our organizational structure and process organization meet the basic requirements for quality management in all our fields of work.

Quality meets customer requirements
We measure the quality of our products and services against the requirements of our customers. The aim is to establish a long-term partnership.

Quality due to sustainability
Environmental protection and energy-efficient processes form an important pillar of any business activity.


Sample production, prototype construction, tool production and series production are covered by polyscale. The fine microstructures require exact and precise processes in manufacturing for compliance with the high quality standards.

Depending on product requirements, tool-based or tool-less processes are used. A total of four different methods allow a very wide range of parameters to be covered.


Here you will find product information, application examples and data sheets.

You can either open the PDF files directly in your browser window or download and save them by right-clicking “Save target as…”.

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