Optical system design

fully customized lighting solutions

To serve completely individual requirements, polyscale offers the possibility of developing a complete system according to customer specifications. The required parameters are evaluated and then the solution is worked out in terms of design, electronic components and optical function. Partial components of systems, such as individual LED strips / LED boards, are also made possible by polyscale.

The core task in connection with optical fibers and optical films is the optical design of the optical components. This includes the theoretical development as well as complex simulations to generate the final solutions. The subsequent manufacture of prototypes, tooling and, in particular, series production are part of the range of services.


The use cases of this broad field of tasks are manifold.

Complex optical systems are developed with regard to light guides and optical foils for e.g. displays, functional lights or ambient lighting for vehicles. The challenges arising from the combination of geometry, optical requirements, material properties and design are met in the individual development steps.

Necessary LED solutions are the responsibility of polyscale both separately or in combination with the optical components. The systems are installed in luminaires, electronic assemblies and automotive applications.

Complex shapes

Sophisticated optical design for optimum uniformity

Flexible LED strips

Individual customer solutions for optimum performance

Complete systems with LED and lightguide

Tuning of the individual components for series applications

Thermal forming

Challenging optical design through subsequent processing

Freedom of design

Essentially, physical framework conditions have to be taken into account in the development of complex solutions, whereby the possibilities via material selection and optical design offer the greatest possible degree of freedom. Starting a project early allows us to jointly develop the optimal solution, thus leveraging polyscale’s capabilities in optical design, tooling, and manufacturing technology. Thus, requests for individual solutions for

  • Optical design of lightguides and light directing films
  • Respective toolmaking for injection molding processes
  • Customized LED solutions based on polyimide, FR4 or aluminum PCBs
  • Complementary components such as diffusers, reflectors and other optical components
  • Complete systems from the above-mentioned sub-areas


The development of completely individual solutions requires all disciplines, with the optical conception and subsequent optical design forming the basis.

Complex framework conditions and requirements for the lighting unit are taken as a basis and the optical effects are analyzed via simulations using ray tracing software.

The transfer of simulation results into prototypes is typically done without tools.

In the case of optical components that fall into the mold, tooling is performed by means of diamond cutting, nickel molding of master surfaces or laser engraving.

LED development

Conceptual design of individual LED solutions

Optical design

Sophisticated combinations of design, LED technology and optics

LED control

Software- und hardware development

Assembly of components

Confectioning and assembly in the serial production process


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