Optical films

Light distribution via microstructures

Microstructured optical films are used to control the appearance of light sources as well as to control the spatial light emission behavior. They can be used in combination with fiber optics, but also directly transilluminated. They can be used in combination with fiber optics, but also directly transilluminated.

In addition to standard products, e.g. for BAP-compliant luminaires, customer-specific solutions are made possible. Fresnel optics in particular offer a high degree of freedom for defining the light distribution.


In particular, tool-based manufacturing with corresponding options for structural geometries, as well as quasi-endless manufacturing in terms of lighting applications, offer a lot of possibilities in terms of both optical functionality and design aspects. The potential of the foil solution comes into play especially in long-format applications in profile luminaires. Sometimes the foil is not installed until the luminaire is installed on site. With a choice of options, the desired light distribution can be assigned directly on site.

Flexible use

through ready-made rolls

specific light distribution

via fresnel optics

material combinations

via back injection or bonding

light lines

through uninterrupted production

Freedom of design

Essentially, physical framework conditions have to be taken into account in the development of complex solutions, whereby the possibilities via material selection and optical design offer the greatest possible degree of freedom. Starting a project early allows us to jointly develop the optimal solution, thus leveraging polyscale’s capabilities in optical design, tooling, and manufacturing technology. Thus, requests for individual solutions for

  • Optical design of lightguides and light directing films
  • Respective toolmaking for injection molding processes
  • Customized LED solutions based on polyimide, FR4 or aluminum PCBs
  • Complementary components such as diffusers, reflectors and other optical components
  • Complete systems from the above-mentioned sub-areas

vare being adressed by polyscale.


The nanoimprint process allows the highest accuracy of the impression. The textured roller tool is molded into a varnish on the film substrate. Compared to thermal processes and the associated direct structuring of the substrates, significantly finer structures and more precise geometries can be imaged.

Film substrate

during serial production


via diamond cutting

structured areas

as a combination for fresnel optics

Uniform structures

with scattering effect


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