Light guide

Efficient solutions paired with maximum homogeneity

Polyscale enables two-dimensional solutions based on microstructured plastic surfaces. The light enters the plate or film via edge injection and is coupled out via the specially calculated structuring. This decoupling can be both diffuse and directional.


Wide-area lighting solutions are constantly finding new fields of application. As the technical possibilities increase, so do the areas of application. The light guides from polyscale are used in the field of technical lighting, electronics, advertising technology, as frontlight for e.g. e-paper displays, serve for the backlighting of graphic/decorative surfaces.

Large area applications

in advertising, exhibition construction, special projects in arts & architecture

Technical lighting

für office- und system applications


für emergency lighting, switches and buttons

Decorative lighting

in combination with high delmands on design and lighting technology

Freedom of design

Basically, polyscale’s light guides are adapted to the final application, so that an optimum of the combination of uniformity and efficiency can be expected.

The shape of the light guide is thus variable and by no means limited to purely rectangular or round applications.

In addition, the light guides are not limited to purely planar applications, but can be thermally formed.

In addition to diffuse light emission, targeted outcoupling structures can also be used, which produce a defined light distribution directly from the light guide.

The material thickness of the light guides is almost arbitrary and ranges from 0.1 to 0.5mm for foils and from 1 to 20mm for sheets.

The structure sizes themselves start at 3-5µm and range up to 100µm depending on the manufacturing process and geometry. The structures can be precisely defined and manufactured so that radiation characteristics can be achieved in a targeted manner, thus enabling specified light distribution curves.


Polyscale’s products are fundamentally based on the direct processing of components (laser cutting and engraving) or tool-based manufacturing using nanoimprint processes and injection molding. Depending on the production process, the tools are manufactured by laser machining, nickel electroforming or diamond cutting.

Tool based processes

defined structures in roll-to-roll process or injection molding

laser engraving

direct processing of individual components even in high quantities

cutting, lamination and bonding

as confectioning options during further processing

Structure design and tooling

during the development phase


Here you will find product information, application examples and data sheets.