LED panels

Individual solutions from the modular system

Based on standardized components, it is also possible to incorporate customer-specific aspects. The LED panels are based on a slim profile with flexible LED strips combined with efficient light guides, while the dimensions are flexible.


LED panels are generally suitable for large-format applications that do not require a completely customized solution. The slim design allows for easy integration and provides large area lighting solutions for applications with limited installation space. The panels are used for ambient lighting, functional lighting and backlighting in the fields of interior design, furniture and exhibition stand construction, advertising technology or for POS presentations.

Installtion solutions

Easy handling during assembly

Exhibition furniture

System integration with little effort


High luminous flux for product presentations


Decorative surfaces in combination with light

Freedom of design

The standardized LED panels offer the possibility of adaptation to individual requirements. The external dimensions of the panels can be chosen very freely, so that areas up to 6m² can be illuminated with one panel. The surface of the light guides is not additionally covered as standard for efficiency reasons, although additional optical layers, e.g. diffusers, can be added if required. In terms of LED power, several power classes are offered so that the most efficient variant in terms of the objective is always enabled. Also with regard to the color temperatures used, a choice can be made from the common variants.


Up to several m²


Optional diffusers or other components can be integrated

LED Power

From dimmed to powerful

LED colour temperature

All common colour temperatures


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