Optical films

Microstructured films with optical features provide a variety of possible variations and applications. The films can be combined with light guides but also a setup with direct light throughput from back side LEDs is a common approach. Diffuse light throughput is transformed into a defined light distribution out of the surface. This results in products such as:

  • Light collimating films which provide a tight beam angle
  • Light widening films which work as light shaping diffusers
  • Light defining films which create a defined light distribution e.g. for deglaring purposes or an asymmetrical beam angle

Besides standard structure patterns and shapes customized solutions belong to the daily tasks.
Based on a target light distribution the necessary structure patterns are defined via optical simulations. Also a direct input from customer side based on own R&D activities is a common starting point.

Films are 160-250µm thick and are based on different substrate materials such as PET, PMMA or PC. The very fine patterns appear in a uniform and smooth surface.