Light guides

Based on microstructured surfaces polyscale realizes surface lighting solutions via edge lit technology. Light is inserted via the edge of the plate and results in an absolute uniform appearance on highest efficiency level. Only by the specially arranged structure pattern and the unique dimensioning of the structures themselves this combination can be achieved.LGP-direct-lightoutput LGP-direct-indirect-lightoutput Key properties of the light guides from polyscale are:

  • Combination of uniformity and efficiency on highest level
  • Targeted light distribution with minimized loss (e.g. for office applications)
  • Minimized thickness (>500µm)
  • Finest structure pattern by structure sizes 20-120µm

In general efficiency and uniformity stay in conflict – increase of one decreases the other. Via small structures and a special pattern setup both important properties reach a high level and combine to a perfect solution. The actual characteristic of both depend a lot on the final application – not only the light guide itself but also LED setup, reflector layer and other details need to be obeyed.

Also transparent applications without a reflective layer and instead an indirect light distribution are realized.

The high density of small structures result in a fine pattern and often makes an additional diffuser layer dispensable. Human eye is not able to dissolve the structures, which appears in a fully uniform surface. This also enables very thin solutions. Light guides often are 3-4mm thick but also applications with 0.5-1mm thick light guides are realized.

Structure types and patterns can be specified in terms of shape, density, size, angles and depth which enables a great variety of optical features. Thus a defined light distribution can be achieved which e.g. results in a targeted light output to illuminate a defined area, in a cutoff of the beam angle, or in a broad widening of the beam angle.

All the mentioned features provide attractive alternatives to established solutions and but especially new applications can be served. The products make the grade on highest level and realize design driven solutions in combination with high performing optical elements and efficiency.