The priority and overall task of polyscale GmbH & Co. KG is the comprehensive customer satisfaction. Thus the company’s long term goals for success can be achieved.
“Comprehensive customer satisfaction is our goal”
This central statement is more than a quality policy, it is the general principle for every action taken. Besides prompt and reliable deliveries on time the quality standards are the most important parameters for the customers.
Realizing those goals is a daily challenge for all participating company members and partners.

Already during the development phase of a product quality assurance and necessary actions taken are defined according to product and customer specific demands. Further processes such as FMEA, machine and process feasibility, PPAP etc. are implemented upon request.

Actions such as guidelines of quality goals, transparent results, staff education and development and strengthening the sense of staff for importance of quality assurance the motivation of the team members’ experiences additional necessary momentum.

Quality as a corporate goal – the quality of the products and services is a crucial success factor for the company.

Quality serves customer needs – the quality level of products corresponds with the demands of customer needs to form a long term partnership.

Quality increases efficiency – prevention of failures instead of detection

Quality needs cooperation – the quality of products and services depends on the quality of cooperation – internally as well as externally.